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Jered Weaver / RHP / starter

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Jered Weaver was drafted 12th overall in 2004 out of Long Beach State. He was dominating AAA by '06 and got his first major league start on May 27th of that season, throwing seven shutout innings. Weaver continued to pitch well in the bigs, finishing 11-2 with a 1.03 whip that season. Jered has thrown well every season since and made himself into one of the top pitchers in the game.

Weaver throws four pitches out of an awkward, cross-body motion. His bread and butter is a fastball that gets natural cut. His changeup is fairly straight, showing slight movement to his arm side. Weaver then throws two breaking pitches. His slider is a big breaker around 80 mph, while his curveball is a very slow 12 to 6 pitch in the low 70s. 6/5/10 CSJ

*fastball(88-94), slider(76-83), changeup(76-81), curve(67-72)


Brian Fuentes / LHP / closer

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Fuentes pitches with a strange low angle delivery that can make his stuff unhittable. He has a 90 mph fastball, and a very slow changeup in the 70s. He will mix in sweeping sliders, usually to LHs. Fuentes has always piled up Ks as a professional, but it wasn't until he became a full-time reliever that this Mexican-American was able to harness enough command to be successful.

Fuentes grew up in Merced, California, attended Merced High School, was drafted out of Merced Junior College in 1995, and currently lives in Merced. 6/6/10 CSJ

*fastball(88-93), changeup(72-75), slider(75-80)

Jason Bulger / RHP / reliever

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Jason Bulger is a tall pitcher with a good fastball. He breaks off 12-6 curves as his second pitch. Bulger played collegiately at Valdosta State. 5/22/09 CSJ

*fastball(91-95), curve(76-81)

Scot Shields / RHP / reliever

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Scot Shields has filthy stuff. His fastball can get amazing movement some days, tailing extremely late. When Scot is also hitting the corners with it, he is dominant. His breaking ball is a power curve. Watch for the rare changeup, he does own one. Shields once threw 16 innings in a game while pitching for Lincoln Memorial University. 5/22/09 CSJ

*fastball(88-94), curve(77-82), changeup

Ervin Santana / RHP / starter

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Santana seems to throw mid-90s with ease. His motion is relaxed and the ball just flies out of his hand. He has shown an increase in velocity since 2007, a very good sign of future success. He also throws a slider that he can change planes with and vary the velocity on. Santana's distant third pitch is a hard, straight changeup. 3/6/09 CSJ

fastball(91-98), slider(80-89), changeup(85-89)

Kevin Jepsen / RHP / setup reliever

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Jepsen has always been a high strikeout, high walk pitcher in the minor leagues, and that has carried over into his major league career. Kevin seems to always pitch into deep counts, throwing lots of pitches out of the bullpen.

Jepsen throws a mid 90s, naturally cutting fastball that is tough to hit. He'll use a hard, biting curve ball and a tight slider around 90 mph. Jepsen used to drag a few changeups to LHs but it appears that he may have scrapped that pitch. His stuff looks impressive, but again, he is currently limited by his command. 6/6/10 CSJ

*fastball(94-99), curve(82-83), slider(89-91), changeup

Joe Saunders / LHP / starter

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Saunders was a 1st round pick out of Virginia Tech and has steadily risen up Anaheim's minor league ladder. He has produced at every level, which now includes the major leagues. His fastball is hittable, but he commands it well. He prefers to use his changeup as his second pitch, while dropping his curveball in for strikes against unsuspecting hitters. His distant fourth pitch is a slider that I've seen him use against tough LHs. 4/7/09 CSJ

*fastball(87-93), changuep(79-84), curve(72-79), slider(83-85)

Anthony Ortega / RHP / starter

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Ortega, a Venezuelan, brings a classic 4-pitch repertoire to the mound. His fastball gets some tailing movement, but not much sink. His curve and slider both seem to break too early, making for an easy read by hitters. Ortega owns a changeup that can be deceptive, and he'll use it often against LH hitters. 5/22/09 CSJ

*fastball(88-94), slider(82-85), curve(75-81), changeup(78-82)


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