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Wandy Rodriguez / LHP / starter

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Rodriguez is a simple 3-pitch pitcher. He throws a big curve between 72 and 78 mph, a straight changeup in the low 80s, and a straight fastball in the upper 80s. Wandy was also a member of the 2007 Caribbean Series champion Aguilas Cibaenas. 9/17/10 CSJ

*fastball(86-90), curve(72-78), changeup(81-85)


Matt Lindstrom / RHP / reliever

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Lindstrom has a great arm. He has a fastball that can touch 100 mph and a big breaking slider to go with it. The former Mets farmhand has tried to learn a splitter and will mix those in occasionally. Lindstrom has been given a few chances to be a closer, but can't quite hold down the job. 9/17/10 CSJ

*fastball(92-98), slider(80-86), split(85-89)

Brandon Lyon / RHP / reliever

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Lyon owns a varied repertoire for a reliever. He has a hard, moving fastball that can touch the mid 90s at times. His second pitch is a big overhand curve that buckles knees. He'll also show a cutter to both sides of the plate and a straight changeup to LHs, giving him four quality pitches. 9/17/10 CSJ

*fastball(91-95), cutter( 89-91), curve(75-79), changeup(80-81)

Wesley Wright / LHP / starter-reliever

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Wesley is a young lefty. He shows a live arm that produces a low-90s fastball and sweeping slider. He has shown me a slow curveball as well. Wesley produced good K totals in 2008, but still needs to work on his command. 10/24/08 CSJ

*fastball(90-93), slider(82-86), curve(77-78)

Tim Byrdak / LHP / reliever

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Byrdak is fastball/slider lefty. His fastball is fairly straight, while his slider sweeps across the hitting zone. Byrdak also uses the standard strategy of throwing his changeup to RHs. 9/17/10 CSJ

*fastball(87-92), slider(81-86), changeup(79-82)

Henry Villar / RHP / reliever

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Villar shows an excellent changeup. El cambio takes a dive about 3/4 of the way to home plate and looks baffling. His fastball velocity leaves something to be desired, and his slider hangs something scary. Henry is only 23 years old, and still has time to refine his repertoire. 9/17/10 CSJ

*fastball(89-92), changeup(84-86), slider(80-83)

Alberto Arias / RHP / reliever

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Alberto Arias throws a moving 90mph fastball and a hard breaking curve. I have not seen an off-speed pitch from Arias. 6/23/08 CSJ

*fastball(91-94), curve(80-83)

Fernando Abad / LHP / reliever

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*fastball(88-92), curve(76), changeup(81)

J.A. Happ / LHP / starter

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Happ shows some promise. He is six-feet tall, lefthanded, and throws a 90 mph fastball. He has consistently posted good minor league numbers and looks like he might translate it to the major league level. Happ owns a tight slider that he uses often. He likes to try and go inside to RHs with it, burying it at their ankles, or throw it away from LHs. Happ will also show an improving changeup to RHs and mix in a very slow curveball. 9/17/10 CSJ

*fastball(87-93), slider(80-85), changeup(75-82), curve(73-79)

Felipe Paulino / RHP / starter

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Paulino is a hard throwing Dominican that has the ability to rack up strikeouts if he could just harness his talent. Felipe can throw his fastball towards 100 mph, and crank a slider that can touch 90 mph. Yet somehow, he still gets hit around and battles control problems at times. In 2010, Paulino finally pitched some good ballgames for the Astros, despite having a terrible W-L record overall. Paulino may eventually settle into a role as a late-inning reliever, where his pitches/inning isn't as much of a factor. 9/17/10 CSJ

*fastball(94-99), slider(85-89), changeup(82-85), curve(74-78)

Chris Sampson / RHP / reliever

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Sampson has a good looking curveball that he can drop in for strikes. He also throws lots of sliders. However, his moving fastball doesn't appear good enough to throw quality major league innings. 8/11/08 CSJ

*fastball(87-91), slider(81-84), curve(77-79), changeup(83)

Mark Melancon / RHP / reliever

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Melancon has a chance to succeed in the majors. He has limited his walks in his professional career and owns two plus pitches. He starts with his hard fastball that touches the mid 90s regularly. He can follow the fastball with a curve that breaks late, although often seems to back up on him. Mark has shown an occasional straight changeup. Melancon is a former University of Arizona Wildcat. 9/17/10 CSJ

*fastball(90-96), curve(80-84), changeup(85)

Brian Moehler / RHP / starter

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With velocity that barely touches 90mph, Moehler relies on using a moving fastball, a cutter, and sinking changeup. He'll use the cutter primarily inside on LHs, but will also occasionally throw it to RHs like a slider. Moehler's changeup is used often to LHs. Brian shows a curveball as his fourth pitch. 9/11/08 CSJ

*fastball(87-90), cutter(85-87), changeup(80-82), curve(78)

Jeff Fulchino / RHP / reliever

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Fulchino is a big dude who can bring some heat. He pumps in a dropping splitter to go with his heavy fastball. Jeff also shows a tight slider. 10/24/08 CSJ

*fastball(91-95), splitter(82-88), slider(81-87)

Gustavo Chacin / LHP / reliever

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Gustavo Chacin, he of the bizarre glasses and ugly mug, is back in the majors. Gustavo has returned with the same sub-par repertoire as before. He pitches with an upper 80s fastball, a mid 80s cutter, and a straight changeup. Chacin will also float a standard curveball. Don't expect this comeback to last very long. 9/17/10 CSJ

*fastball(85-89), cutter(82-85), changeup(77-78), curve(71-75)


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