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Trevor Cahill / RHP / starter

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Cahill, 21, has already been compared to Brandon Webb. Cahill deals the same type of sinker that can produce easy outs in bunches. The sinker flies in the mid-upper 80s with significant movement, so much so that he can have bouts of wildness with it. Cahill will also use a 90mph 4-seamer that he can command a bit better. After the fastballs, which he'll throw the majority of the time, Trevor throws a very soft changeup and two different breaking balls. His slider gets some sweeping action, while the curve looks like a plus pitch, getting more drop than the slider at just a few MPH slower. 4/29/09 CSJ

*sinker(85-89), 4-seamer(90-93), slider(82-85), changeup(77-81), curve(77-81)


Brett Anderson / LHP / starter

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Anderson has shown good command at all levels of the minor leagues and continues to throw strikes in the Bigs. He uses a good fastball and has the confidence to command it on the inner half of the plate. He’ll then attack hitters with an excellent slider he can back-ankle RHs with, or sweep away from LHs. His changeup is fairly standard, but is thrown with plus control. Anderson mixes in a slow 12-6 curveball as his fourth pitch, usually in the first pitch of an at-bat. Because Anderson doesn't have dominating velocity, he’s been banged around a bit in the major leagues. However, Anderson seems to know what he’s doing on the mound, which will give him a good chance of succeeding. Unfortunately, any loss of velocity would spell his doom. Anderson also performs the most bizarre water bottle ritual between innings, reminiscent of the great Turk Wendell. 7/31/09 CSJ

*fastball(87-95), slurve(79-85), changeup(79-84), curve(73-77)

Brad Ziegler / RHP / setup reliever

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Ziegler is a sidearmer. He throws from a 1/4 arm angle, making his fastball get decent movement and giving the batter a release point they aren't used to. Predictably, as a sidearmer, he also throws a sweeping slider. Ziegler has improved his changeup, a pitch that can be lethal against lefthanded hitters. Zeigler famously began his career by pitching 39 consecutive scoreless innings in 2008. 6/15/10 CSJ

*fastball(82-86), slider(72-73), changeup(73-75)

Dallas Braden / LHP / starter

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Dallas Braden owns a fastball that would have trouble breaking a pane of glass. It clocks in around the mid-upper 80s with some movement. When he's successful, Braden relies on a good, soft changeup to get outs. He's able to let up 12-15 mph on the pitch, making it difficult for batters to wait for it. Braden also mixes in two breaking balls that he'll vary the velocities on. He has a curve that usually sits anywhere in the mid-70s and a tighter slider in the low-80s. The two pitches have a tendency to blend together. His minor league statistics look impressive, but his stuff might not be good enough to translate into major league success. 6/9/09 CSJ

*fastball(85-92), changeup(67-80), curve(72-80), slider(81-86)

Jerry Blevins / LHP / reliever

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Blevins throws a good fastball that seems to rise as it approaches home plate. He also has a big breaking curve that he can drop in for strikes. Blevins has shown a changeup as his third pitch. 7/21/08 CSJ

*fastball(90-93), curve(70-74), changeup

Michael Wuertz / RHP / reliever

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Wuertz is a breaking ball pitcher. With the Cubs, he would go entire innings without throwing anything but tight sliders. He has since developed a 2nd breaking pitch, now spinning a downward breaking curveball to go with the slider. Wuertz does have a changeup he'll throw on occasion, usually to LHs. 7/31/09 CSJ

*fastball(87-91), slider(83-87), changeup(81-82), curve(78)

Andrew Bailey / RHP / closer

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Bailey shows some strikeout potential as a reliever. He throws a hard, heavy, 4-seam fastball that can be difficult to hit. He deals a 12-6 curveball that gets some good movement but can be difficult to control. I have also seen a good, tight cutter from Bailey, and a few changeups. 7/31/09 CSJ

*fastball(90-96), curve(74-79), cutter(85-91), changeup(87)

Gio Gonzalez / LHP / starter

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Gio has consistently racked up Ks in the minor leagues and been a highly ranked prospect for years. Unfortunately, he also posts high walk totals and has bounced around between three organizations already. His repertoire consists of a low 90s fastball, big breaking curve, and straight changeup. His fastball has proven to be very straight and hittable at the major league level, while his curveball is quite erratic. The changeup is still just a show pitch at this point. In 2010, Gio has been able to harness a little command, and also lowered his hits rate. He still looks like an Oliver Perez type to me, but it is possible that he's finally pitching to his potential. 6/15/10 CSJ

*fastball(88-94), curve(74-81), changeup(82-84)

Justin Duchscherer / RHP / starter

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Duchscherer is a breaking ball pitcher. He throws tons of sliders to all batters and all parts of the plate. He routinely attempts to backdoor LHs with it and even frontdoor RHs. As a reliever this pitch was slightly tighter and more like a cutter. Duchsherer also throws a big curveball that can work because it is so much slower than his other pitches. His fastball is only around 85mph nowadays, but he can run it arm-side or cut it glove-side at times with excellent command. In Duchscherer's 7/20 start against the Yankees, he did not throw any changeups. 8/11/08 CSJ

*fastball(84-88), slider(78-82), curve(66-70)

Craig Breslow / LHP / reliever

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Breslow was an Ivy Leaguer in college and now a waiver wire pickup by the A's. He throws a 90 MPH fastball and an upper-80s cutter. His full repertoire includes a sweeping curve and a changeup. 7/31/09 CSJ

*fastball(87-93), cutter(83-89), curve(71-78), changeup(74-77)

Josh Outman / LHP / starter-reliever

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Outman has some impressive stuff. He throws hard, dealing a fastball in the low-mid 90s. The fastball is fairly straight, but it sets up his sharp slider well. He has shown me a big hook that gets decent 11-5 movement, and a straight changeup. His minor league walk totals are fairly high, which won't allow him to pitch deep into ballgames, but Outman might be able to make a successful move to the bullpen, where he could be a weapon. 4/29/09 CSJ

*fastball(90-96), slider(81-84), changeup(81-84), curve(75-77)

Tyson Ross / RHP / reliever

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*fastball(92-95), slider(81-89), changeup(86)


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