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Shaun Marcum / RHP / starter

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Marcum has quickly shown promise thanks to his sharp breaking stuff. He owns a good cutter that he'll throw to either side of the plate to any hitter. It's his best pitch and he'll use it often. Shaun throws a downward breaking curveball that can throw off the hitter's timing or get a swing-and-miss. Marcum's fastball tops out about 90mph, but looks sneaky fast after his breaking stuff. His 4th pitch is a changeup that can get some funny movement and good deception. 10/20/08 CSJ

*fastball(86-90), cutter(84-88), changeup(80-82), curve(71-76)


Brian Tallet / LHP / starter-reliever

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Tallet is basically a three-pitch pitcher. He owns a fastball around 90 mph and a hard changeup. Tallet seems to get good arm action on the change, but he's a little erratic with it. His third pitch is a good cutter that can get in on the hands of RHs. However, Tallet isn't afraid to mix his pitches, and he'll any pitch to any batter. His fourth offering is a standard slider. Tallet seemed to have found a niche as a middle reliever, until he was pressed into starting action in 2009. 6/3/09 CSJ

*fastball(88-92), cutter(85-88), changeup(80-83), slider(79-82)

Jason Frasor / RHP / setup reliever

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Frasor throws an explosive low-mid 90s fastball out of his short 5'10" frame. His breaking ball is considered a slider, however at times it gets good 12-6 drop even though it flies at slider velocity. In an attempt to find a reliable off-speed pitch, Frasor started using splitters in 2007 and continued throwing them in 2008. In 2009, Frasor seems to have found the feel for a sinking changeup that has become an effective weapon. 5/28/09 CSJ

*fastball(93-96), slider(80-86), changeup(83-85), splitter

David Purcey / LHP / reliever

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After being selected as a first round draft choice in 2004, Purcey has been a high WHIP lefthanded pitcher throughout the minor leagues, thanks to his high walk totals. Purcey has moved to the bullpen in 2010, and is finally putting up some good numbers.

David works primarily with his fastball and slider. He'll consistently try and throw his fastball away, rarely coming inside with it. His slider is worked away from LHs and inside on RHs. Purcey has also shown me a few changeups to RHs, and a couple slow curves as well. 7/23/10 CSJ

*fastball(88-93), slider(83-87), changeup(84), curve(72-73)

Marc Rzepczynski / LHP / starter-reliever

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Rzepczynski throws your standard fastball, slider, changeup repertoire. He slings the fastball in the low 90s, unafraid to pitch inside. Marc will back-ankle his slider to RHs, and sweep it away from LHs. Rzepczynski's changeup is his distant third pitch, and has too much velocity to be very effective. I have not seen a curveball from the silent-Z man in 2010. 7/23/10 CSJ

*fastball(89-92), slider(80-85), changeup(82-85)

Jesse Carlson / LHP / reliever

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Carlson, a lefthander, throws across his body, and from a 3/4 arm angle. This delivery creates some issues for batters. His fastball can move all over the place, and his slider gets good sweeping action. Carlson has quickly proven to be an effective bullpen option for the Jays. 6/3/09 CSJ

*fastball(88-90), slider(81-85)

Jeremy Accardo / RHP / reliever

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Accardo predominately uses his fastball/splitter combination. He has good velocity and movement on his fastball that bores in on RHs. Accardo's bread and butter is a split-finger pitch that dives under bats. Occasionally he will mix in some sliders, usually to RHs. 4/3/08 CSJ

*fastball, splitter, slider

Dustin McGowan / RHP / starter

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McGowan's stuff is sick. He owns a mid-90s fastball that bores in on RHs. Off of his fastball, McGowan will throw a tight slider that hits 90mph. He also has good break on a 12-6 curveball and he'll throw a straight changeup. He is a young pitcher, and still learning what he can do on the mound. 3/30/08 CSJ

fastball(90-98), slider(85-90), curve(76-83), changeup(83-87)

Brett Cecil / LHP / starter

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Brett Cecil is a young guy with a good slider. He can make LHs look silly by sweeping it away from them, or he can back-ankle RHs with it. Brett's fastball velocity is good for a lefthander, touching the mid 90s at times. Cecil appears to have improved his changeup in 2010, a big key to his current success. Cecil finishes his four-pitch repertoire with a standard curveball. Cecil was drafted out of the University of Maryland in 2007 and quickly pitched his way to the major leagues. Brett wears some sweet rec specs and pitching is the only thing he does lefthanded. 6/15/10 CSJ

*fastball(87-94), slider(82-88), changeup(80-85), curve(74-79)

Scott Downs / LHP / setup reliever

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Downs has shown a four pitch repertoire throughout his career. However, he usually works with just his fastball and curve. He shows excellent command of his fastball within the strikezone, and can drop his curveball on the outer half with consistency. His last two pitches are a sharp slider in the low 80s and a straight changeup. 6/15/10 CSJ

*fastball(89-92), curve(75-78), slider, changeup

Kevin Gregg / RHP / closer

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Gregg has shown a variety of pitches in a variety of different roles throughout his career. He has a good straight fastball in the low 90s and a power curveball. He throws a splitter as his primary off-speed pitch. Sometimes the splitter dives, and sometimes it acts like a straight changeup. To add to the confusion, Gregg also occasionally throws a true changeup that he turns over, making it sink and look like a 2-seamer. Gregg appears to have brought back his old slider/cutter pitch at some point in 2009, spinning those in around the upper 80s. 6/15/10 CSJ

*fastball(90-95), curve(79-83), splitter(83-87), slider(85-90), changeup

Jesse Litsch / RHP / starter

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Litsch shows excellent command, limits his walks and pitches smart within the strikezone. Litsch has also tinkered with his repertoire many times already in his short career. He currently works with a straight 4-seam fastball and a sinking 2-seamer. The movement he gets on his 2-seamer can be considerable. Litsch's bread and butter is his cutter, a pitch he'll throw often. He likes to bury it in on LHs, break it away from RHs, or even front door it to RHs. Litsch also owns a curveball and changeup. The curve gets decent bite, but the changeup is all over the place. 9/25/08 CSJ

*fastball(87-93), cutter(85-89), curve(73-80), changeup(79-82)

Casey Janssen / RHP / reliever

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Janssen is a master of the breaking ball. He has a cutter, slider, and curveball, and uses them well. His cutter is in the high 80s and he'll throw it to LHs and RHs. The slider is standard, sitting in the low 80s. His curveball is in the upper 70s, getting decent 12 to 6 drop. Janssen does have a fastball and changeup to go with all these breaking balls. 7/23/10 CSJ

*fastball(90-93), cutter(90-92), slider(82), curve(75-77), changeup(84)

Shawn Camp / RHP / reliever

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Camp is a classic sinkerballer. His sinker flies in the upper 80s, inducing groundballs aplenty and even missing some bats. Shawn will follow it up with a standard slider but can throw it with excellent command. He will often backdoor LHs with it or get RHs to chase it off the plate. Camp throws his changeup a bit too hard for it to be a good pitch, but survives with his sinker/slider combo. 6/15/10 CSJ

*sinker(86-89), slider(79-80), changeup(81-84)

Scott Richmond / RHP / starter

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Richmond, a Canadian, wasn't even drafted out of college. He pitched at Oklahoma State, where he posted outstanding numbers as a 25 year old senior. Afterwards, he pitched in the independent Northern League for three years before finally getting his chance in the Toronto organization in 2008. Richmond proved he belonged by throwing a heavy low-90s fastball and two tough breaking pitches. His slider works best when he locates it low and in to LHs, where it gets plenty of swings and misses. Scott's curveball is a big 12-6 pitch that he'll try and drop in for strikes. Richmond's fourth pitch is a changeup. 5/28/09 CSJ

*fastball(89-93), slider(83-86), curve(75-78), changeup(83)


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