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Yovani Gallardo / RHP / starter

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Gallardo, a Mexican born righthander, has two main pitches in his repertoire; fastball and curveball. His fastball seems extremely straight and hittable, but he spots it well. He also locates his curveball well and it has enough break and velocity to be tough to hit. Yovani also will show a changeup to LHs and a tight slider to RHs. While pitching out of the stretch position, Gallardo seems to lose a little on his fastball, falling to around 88-89 mph. Gallardo dominated the minor leagues and has quickly become the ace of the Brewers. 5/5/09 CSJ

*fastball(88-95), curve(76-82), changeup(82-85), slider(83-87)


Mitch Stetter / LHP / reliever

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Stetter seems destined to be a lefthanded specialist in the majors. He throws from a low arm angle, making it an uncomfortable at-bat for LHs. He mixes his pitches between fastball and slider. 5/14/09 CSJ

*fastball(84-87), slider(75-81)

Carlos Villanueva / RHP / reliever

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Villanueva primarily uses his fastball and changeup. Both pitches are fairly straight, with the changeup getting some natural cut. He also mixes in a slider in the low-80s, and will show a slow curveball. After years of trying his luck as a starting pitcher, Carlos seems to have taken to his bullpen role in Milwaukee. 5/5/09 CSJ

*fastball(87-91), changeup(80-83), curve(71-76), slider(80-83)

Claudio Vargas / RHP / reliever

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Vargas is the Mets latest fill-in starting pitcher. He throws a simple three-pitch repertoire of fastball, slider, and changeup. He'll vary his fastballs, throwing some running 2-seamers and a low-90s 4-seamer. Vargas' slider is a big breaker and he'll use his changeup to both LHs and RHs. 5/15/08 CSJ

*fastball(87-93), slider(76-83), changeup(79-84)

David Riske / RHP / reliever

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Riske is a fastball/splitter pitcher. He has lost quite a bit of velocity over the last few years and now throws his straight fastball in the upper-80s. His split can sometimes float in towards the plate like a changeup, or sometimes get the desired drop. He used to throw sliders, and still may mix in a few. 4/15/08 CSJ

Jeff Suppan / RHP / starter

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Suppan will mix up his pitches like it's his job. He throws lots of fastballs that he'll sink, vary the speed on, or even attempt to blow by a hitter at 91 mph. Suppan uses a splitter for his off-speed pitch, usually around 80 mph and sinking. Suppan will also throw sliders and curves. His curve gets 12-6 action and is very slow. His sliders can vary between 80-85 mph and be his only effective weapon at times. 6/18/09 CSJ

*fastball(85-91), slider(81-86), splitter(79-83), curve(71-74)

John Axford / RHP / closer

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Axford took an interesting path to the major leagues. He was born in Canada and drafted out of high school. Instead of signing, Axford chose to attend Notre Dame and pitched in the College World Series as a freshman. After two excellent seasons at ND, Axford needed TJ surgery in 2004. Axford finished his collegiate career in 2006 at Buffalo's Canisius College, where he battled his control and a lack of run support all season. Axford has always shown the ability to rack up strikeouts and really turned it on after the Brewers moved him to the bullpen fulltime in 2009. He is now famous for his sweet 'stache and being the guy that made Trevor Hoffman a middle reliever.

Axford starts everything with a fastball that explodes onto hitters out of an awkward, snapping arm action. He then mixes in two different breaking balls, although they can often blend together. Both his curve and slider get good downward movement and are thrown at a high velocity. I'm sure John also has a changeup hiding somewhere deep in his repertoire, I just haven't seen it. 9/27/10 CSJ

*fastball(92-95), curve(79-80), slider(82-84), changeup

Trevor Hoffman / RHP / closer

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Hoffman owns a sinking changeup that misses bats. He'll paint corners with his straight fastball to set it up. Hoffman will also mix in a breaking ball when necessary. 8/14/08 CSJ

*fastball(84-86), changeup(71-74), curve, slider(81)

Manny Parra / LHP / starter

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Parra has a simple, compact delivery that generates a low-90s fastball. He releases over-the-top, making his fastball very straight. However, with this over-the-top arm angle, he is able to use a diving splitter as a strikeout pitch. His splitter is thrown to any batter once he gets ahead. Manny uses a curveball that he can throw for strikes to get ahead of hitters. Parra also mixes in a straight changuep. 3/6/09 CSJ

*fastball(89-95), curveball(74-79), splitter(79-84), changeup(85-87)

Todd Coffey / RHP / reliever

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Coffey is a big man who throws a hard, heavy, sinking fastball. It's a pitch he relies on most of the time. His second pitch is an average slider that doesn't prove very effective. Coffey's thick 6' 5" frame will also mix in the occasional split-finger pitch. 4/18/09 CSJ

*fastball(91-95), slider(81-83), splitter(87)

David Bush / RHP / starter

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Bush is a righthander that pitches like a lefthander. He deals an upper 80s, moving fastball that he spots well. He backs that up with a slider that he can vary. He'll tighten the slider when coming inside to LHs, and sweep it more when throwing it away from RHs. Bush throws a good curveball and mixes in lots of changeups to LHs. His stuff has deteriorated badly, and it doesn't look like he has much of a career left at this point.

Bush pitched collegiately at Wake Forest, where he was a dominant closer. 9/27/10 CSJ

*fastball(84-88), slider(79-83), changeup(79-80), curve(65-69)


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