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Matt Cain / RHP / starter

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Cain is a powerhouse that uses the typical four pitches at a plus level. He throws a hard fastball with late life and movement, while his curveball is a big 12 to 6er. Matt's slider is often a very sharp breaker, but can soften as the game goes on and his arm tires. Cain also deals a moving changeup in the mid to upper 80s. Cain's only obstacle used to be his command. He often issued too many walks and had to pitch out of trouble often. However, Matt has drastically dropped his walk rate in both '09 and '10, and has become a complete pitcher. Even with the improvement in command, Cain is still known as a "tough luck loser" that gets little run support.

Cain was nicknamed "Big Sugar" in high school. 10/8/10 CSJ

*fastball(90-95), curve(73-78), slider(84-89), changeup (84-88)


Barry Zito / LHP / starter

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Barry Zito is a nice guy. He does yoga and gives money to injured veterans. Unfortunately his fastball is slow and his changeup looks like a little league pitch. In his prime, he pumped in a 92mph fastball and was tough to hit. Always known for his curveball, the pitch has become a lob that is hard to throw for a strike. A couple years ago he added a tighter breaking ball that he uses like a slider to LHs. I actually feel bad for him, because most likely there is nothing he can do to recapture his lost velocity. 4/8/08 CSJ

Brian Wilson / RHP / closer

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A closer with bad hair and tight pants, Brian Wilson reminds many of a righthanded Mitch Williams. Wilson struggles with his command at times, but will never be as erratic as Wild Thing. Brian Wilson uses an upper 90s fastball and a high velocity slider. Despite his 'plus' stuff, Wilson has proven to be hittable. He has the potential to blow a hitter away, but he often works himself into tough situations. 6/14/10 CSJ

*fastball(94-99), slider(86-91), changeup, curve

Jonathan Sanchez / LHP / starter

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Sanchez has good velocity for a lefthander, so as you'd expect, he relies on his fastball to get outs. Sanchez shows a curveball as well, and he'll throw it often to LHs. The curve gets good break and misses bats. Sanchez' third pitch is a changeup that he seems to tip by slowing his delivery.

Sanchez' main adversary is his suspect command. He led the NL in walks in 2010, but helped himself by posting over 200 strikeouts and also led the NL in H/9. The Puerto Rican threw a no-hitter in 2009. 10/10/10 CSJ

*fastball(89-94), changeup(82-86), curve(78-84)

Tim Lincecum / RHP / starter

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Lincecum looks like a little kid with a bad haircut. However, those skinny arms and that cartoon delivery can pump 95 mph fastballs right by the best hitters. Timmy's fastball also gets some unpredictable movement. It can run, cut, or appear to rise as it approaches home plate. Lincecum famously uses a 2-seam grip for all his fastballs, not a 4-seam grip like you would expect. Throughout his baseball life, Lincecum has been known for his power curve, a 12 to 6 hammer that racks up Ks. However, since his first Major League start, he has made great strides with his changeup, so much so, that Tim will use the changeup as his second strikeout pitch, not just for show. He holds his changeup with a modified split-finger grip that gives the pitch some incredible sink. Then, as if he needs another weapon, Lincecum has also tried a slider as his fourth pitch. The slider is basically a harder version of his curveball, sitting in the low to mid 80s.

Lincecum has gotten alot of scrutiny over his pitching motion, a delivery that appears to put an abnormal amount of stress on his throwing shoulder. On the plus side of his mechanics, he uses plenty of leg drive to generate velocity and has minimal scap load. Listed at only 5' 11", the University of Washington product is simply known as "The Freak". 6/14/10 CSJ

*fastball(89-96), curve(74-80), changeup(81-85), slider(80-85)

Jeremy Affeldt / LHP / setup reliever

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Affeldt is still a hard thrower with 90+ mph heat from the left side, mixing in a lower arm slot to get some movement on the pitch. Affeldt deals an overhand curveball for his breaking pitch. When facing RHs, Affeldt will mix in occasional straight changeups. In the past he has tried throwing a tight cutter/slider pitch, but has scrapped that in recent years. Affeldt arrived in the majors with a big arm and big expectations with the Royals. Instead he has made himself into a serviceable setup man. 6/14/10 CSJ

*fastball(91-96), curve(76-79), changeup(87)

Brandon Medders / RHP / reliever

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Medders works with a naturally cutting fastball that provides him with whatever success he may have. The pitch can get inside on LHs and confuse RHs. Brandon will drop in good 12-6 curves, a standard slider, and a straight changeup. 6/2/09 CSJ

*fastball(88-91), curve(69-71), slider(80-84), changeup(76)


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