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Felix Hernandez / RHP / starter

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It may seem like Felix has been around forever, but he just turned 24 years old, and hasn't even hit his prime. His success starts with his fastball that can touch 100 mph. Felix will typically pitch in the low to mid 90s however, getting some amazing sinking action with his 2-seamer. He likes pitching inside to right handed hitters, buring that 2-seamer under their bats.

Felix has been improving his secondary pitches and can snap off two different breaking balls. His slider is very hard, and usually much sharper than the curve, but they both get nasty downward movement. Over the last two seasons, Hernandez has made the biggest strides with his changeup. The Venezuelan will throw this pitch to right handers or left handers, often preferring it over his slider or curve. 9/27/10 CSJ

*fastball(91-96), changeup(84-89), slider(82-87), curve(75-81)


Brandon League / RHP / setup reliever

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League looks like he should be dominant. He has a powerful, low-angle delivery, and can sling 100 mph heat with movement. His secondary pitches have always been a work in progress. He has a slider that gets decent drop and clocks in in the upper 80s. He has shown a changeup for an off-speed pitch, and may also be mixing in a splitter. 9/6/10 CSJ

*fastball(94-98), slider(85-89), changeup(83-85), splitter

Ryan Rowland-Smith / LHP / starter-reliever

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Rowland 'Dash' Smith deals a full four-pitch repertoire and none of his stuff looks overly impressive. He has an average, upper 80s fastball that he spots well. Ryan owns a big, slow curveball, that he can drop in for strikes, or get swing and misses with. R-Smith will often mix in a changeup to both RHs and LHs. His fourth pitch is a standard slider.

Rowland-Smith is from one of the most famous athletic families in Australia. His father is a sports trainer known as The Sandhill Warrior, and his sister is a professional surfer. 8/18/09 CSJ

*fastball(86-92), curve(68-74), changeup(78-83), slider(77-80)

Shawn Kelley / RHP / reliever

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Kelley completed a full collegiate career at Austin Peay, pitching in parts of five seasons, and even rebounded from TJ surgery. He was drafted in 2007, placed in the bullpen, and shot through the Mariners' system by striking out 89 batters in just 80 minor league innings.

Kelley's fastball, which sits in the low 90s and flies fairly straight, looks hittable. However, he seems to have good command of the pitch and can hit the edges of the plate with it. He'll mix the standard relief pitcher combination of slider and changeup as his secondary pitches. What isn't standard, is the rating that Kelley's slider has gotten by most scouts. He may have the best slider in the entire organization, and the fact that Kelley appears to be in control on the mound, dictating the at-bats, will only increase his potential at a late inning reliever. 8/17/09 CSJ

*fastball(90-94), slider(82-85), changeup(81)

Mark Lowe / RHP / reliever

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Mark Lowe has improved dramatically in 2009. The Texan is now pumping his fastball in the mid to upper 90s, and breaking off devastating sliders. He looks like the bullpen force that he was expected to be last season. Lowe will use a sinking changeup as his third option. At just 26 years old, Lowe could have a future in late inning relief. 8/18/09 CSJ

*fastball(93-98), changeup(86-89), slider(85-88)

Erik Bedard / LHP / starter

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Bedard is a hard thrower. He can touch 95 mph at times, which is dominant velocity from the left side. He tweaks his fastball by throwing a cut variety to either side of the plate. The cut fastball is subtle, but can be just enough to break a bat. Bedard owns a filthy Canadian Hammer; a curveball that breaks down and hard. His fourth pitch, a very distant fourth, is a changeup, a soft pitch that he'll show to RHs. 6/5/09 CSJ

*fastball(89-94), curveball(75-80), cutter(88-93), changeup(77-81)

David Aardsma / RHP / closer

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Aardsma, a former first round draft pick out of Rice University, is finally producing at the major league level. At just 27 years old, he's already pitching for his fifth different team, not a good indication of what those clubs thought of him.

Now with the Mariners, Aardsma has simplified his approach, is trusting his fastball, and trying to throw more strikes. He can bring his fastball upwards of 96 mph, using it to set up his sinking splitter and diving slider. He is successfully closing games nowadays, and may be removed from the days when I described him like this.... "It's appropriate that David has three A's in his last name, because that's where he belongs, AAA". 9/6/10 CSJ

*fastball(92-97), slider(82-86), splitter(86-89)

Sean White / RHP / reliever

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Sean White is a Washington kid. He was born in Pullman, went to U of W, and now pitches for the Mariners. He's a career minor league starting pitcher that never fared that well in pro ball. However, since being moved to the bullpen in 2009, he's putting up numbers at the big league level. White owns a four-pitch starter's repertoire, relying heavily on his changeup. 6/5/09 CSJ

*fastball(92-95), changeup(83-86), curve, slider(88)

Luke French / LHP / starter

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French doesn't light up any radar guns, or even own a good breaking ball. Luke survives by spotting his lefthanded fastball and fooling hitters with his sinking changeup. 9/6/10 CSJ

*fastball(82-89), changeup(74-77), slider(76-79)

Garrett Olson / LHP / reliever

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Olson relies on his curveball often, throwing it to both LHs and RHs. His fastball sits around 88 mph and is very hittable. The lefty's third pitch is his changeup that he'll show to RHs. Olson was a very later first round (48th overall) selection in the 2005 draft out of Cal Poly. 9/27/10 CSJ

*fastball(87-91), curve(78-82), changeup(79-83)

Ryan Feierabend / LHP / starter-reliever

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Ryan, a lefthander, works with a decent fastball/changeup combination. He'll throw his changeup to any hitter, and will even mix them inside. Ryan's slider is standard, sweeping away from LHs and breaking in on RHs. Basically, Ryan doesn't excite anyone with his stuff, but seems to know what he's good at and what he's not, and that should help him. 9/10/08 CSJ

*fastball(87-90), changeup(77-80), slider(77-81), curve(71-74)

Ian Snell / RHP / starter-reliever

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Ian Snell has the ability to rack up Ks. However, he seems to be overthrowing all his pitches, which leads to high walk totals and no command within the strikezone. Snell owns a decent moving fastball that touches 95 MPH at times. Ian uses a curveball and slider as his secondary pitches. However, because he overthows both of them, they have a tendency to blend together into one below average pitch. Ideally, Snell's curveball thrown around 80 MPH with good downward movement, while his slider is a very tight breaker in the mid-upper 80s. He has a tendency to use the curve against LHs and the slider against RHs. Ian does have a changeup as his fourth pitch, but he is basically a fastball/breaking ball pitcher. Snell is from Delaware. 5/28/09 CSJ

*fastball(88-95), curve(79-82), slider(85-88), change(82-85)


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