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Ricky Nolasco / RHP / starter

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Nolasco has a somewhat unique repertoire. He has a cutting fastball in the low-90s that can fool hitters. He has a slider and a big breaking curveball he throws in the low-70s. Lastly, his offspeed pitch is a splitter that gets decent drop. Nolasco has quickly become one of the better pitchers in the National League. 4/16/09 CSJ

*fastball(86-94), curve(70-75), split(83-84), slider(79-83)


Leo Nunez / RHP / closer

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Nunez is a lanky kid with amazing arm speed. He brings 95 MPH gas that runs towards his arm side. Leo mixes in sliders and changeups, both equally effective, or ineffective, depending on the outing. He's not afraid to throw his changeup to RHs and he continues to improve. 8/1/09 CSJ

*fastball(92-98), slider(82-87), change(82-88)

Anibal Sanchez / RHP / starter

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Sanchez throws a variety of moving pitches. He owns a fastball that he can tail arm side, or a cutter towards his glove side. Anibal owns a good, hard slider, and uses a 12-6 curveball that he can throw for strikes. His changeup moves strangely, getting some natural cut, as opposed to the tailing circle-changeup most pitchers throw. Thanks to a shoulder injury, Sanchez has lost some of the velocity that let him throw a no-hitter as a rookie in 2006, leaving him with less than dominant stuff. 5/1/09 CSJ

*fastball(88-94), cutter(87-90), changeup(79-85), slider(80-84), curve(72-77)

Burke Badenhop / RHP / reliever

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Badenhop is your old fashioned sinker, slider, changeup pitcher. You know, the kind of guy that announcers love because they can start using all their favorite "groundball pitcher" cliches. Badenhop's stuff is underwhelming, but he does appear to get enough groundballs and weak contact to be somewhat effective.

Burke is from Bowling Green, Ohio and pitched at Bowling Green State University. 9/10/09 CSJ

*sinker(87-89), changeup(81-82), slider(80)

Brian Sanches / RHP / reliever

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Brian Sanches looks like your standard relief pitcher. He uses a running 2-seamer to get ahead in the count, before spinning multiple sliders. Brian also owns a sinking changeup that he likes to use against lefthanded hitters. 6/6/10 CSJ

*fastball(87-92), slider(77-83), changeup(78-82)

Andrew Miller / LHP / starter

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Touted as the next Randy Johnson, Miller seems to have lost much of the college velocity that brought him that hype. However, he can still bring his fastball in the low-90s at times, which can be real tough against LHs. Miller isn't afraid to pitch inside, routinely pounding his fastball in on batters' hands, and even following it up with an inside changeup. His breaking ball is a sweeping curve. Miller has struggled in the Majors so far, but will be given plenty of chances to succeed. 4/16/09 CSJ

*fastball(87-93), curve(73-78), changeup(83-85)

Sean West / LHP / starter

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Sean West is tall lefthander from Schreveport, Louisiana. A first round pick at 6' 8" tall, he looks like a giant on the mound and produces a downward throwing angle. West owns a low-90s fastball and appears to throw it with decent command. He'll work in a slider and circle changeup as secondary pitches. 6/4/09 CSJ

*fastball(90-94), slider(79-84), changeup(82-85)

Rick VandenHurk / RHP / starter

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Henricus VandenHurk is a hard thrower, getting good velocity on a fastball that usually flies very straight. Rick has refined his breaking pitches, and developed a good downward breaking slider. This replaces his old 12 to 6 curveball that proved to be too slow and lack sharp break. To mix it up, the Dutchman with throw a straight changeup. Overall his repertoire looks pretty good, but the results have varied. 9/10/09 CSJ

*fastball(88-94), slider(79-83), changeup(81-84), curve(66)

Josh Johnson / RHP / starter

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Johnson returned to the mound in '08 with a new, freshly repaired elbow, and he brought back his simple, yet effective repertoire of fastball, slider, and changeup. His fastball is still excellent, clocking in the mid-90s, getting some natural cut at times. Johnson deals a tight slider as his breaking pitch, throwing it away from RHs and ducking it under LHs bats. His third pitch is a sinking changeup that has the velocity of the average pitcher's 2-seamer. 4/21/09 CSJ

*fastball(93-97), slider(83-88), changeup(88-90)

Chris Volstad / RHP / starter

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Volstad is a classic over-the-top fastball/curveball pitcher. He's a tall guy (6' 7") with long legs than perch him high above the batter. It appears as if he's throwing his fastballs straight down, which creates a poor hitting angle for batters. Add some good low-90s velocity to that, and Volstad becomes even tougher. Chris throws a few straight changeups as his third pitch. 8/1/09 CSJ

*fastball(89-94), curve(76-82), changeup(81-85)

Renyel Pinto / LHP / reliever

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Pinto has a decent three-pitch arsenal. His fastball has deceptive speed from his 3/4 arm slot. He throws many changeups off the fastball to both RHs and LHs. Lastly, he'll bring a sweeping slider to the plate. 5/1/09 CSJ

*fastball(88-92), changeup(79-83), slider(76-80)

Nate Robertson / LHP / starter

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Robertson used to bring 94 mph heat, but in recent seasons he's usually just below 90 mph. He throws tons of fastballs, and goes inside with it often. His control can be suspect, but he can still pile up innings. Robertson twists a hard slider, throwing it almost exclusively to his glove side of the plate. Nate and his rec-specs also have a hard changeup that he'll throw away from RHs and has added a slow curve in 2010. In the past, he has tried some split-finger pitches. 6/6/10 CSJ

*fastball(85-90), slider(80-85), changeup(79-82), curve(75-77)

Jay Buente / RHP / reliever

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*fastball(90-93), splitter(80-84), curve(78)

Dan Meyer / LHP / reliever

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Meyer is a former top prospect, the main piece in Billy Beane's Tim Hudson trade. Meyer was mostly awful in the A's organization, but has pitched himself into a bullpen job with the Marlins. He deals a 90 MPH fastball and an 80 MPH changeup. Then he'll mix in some sharp sliders to both RHs and LHs. He still has a chance to make an impact in the major leagues, but it won't be at the level was once expected of him. 8/1/09 CSJ

*fastball(88-92), changeup(78-81), slider(83-87)

Jorge Sosa / RHP / reliever

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Sosa throws tons of sliders, well over 50% of the time. He has a decent fastball to go with it, but still has a hard time missing bats. His third pitch is a changeup, a pitch he'd rather not throw. Sosa will never be the most reliable pitcher, but he has a rubber arm and can start in emergencies. 6/6/10 CSJ

*slider(81-83), fastball(88-91), changeup

Taylor Tankersley / LHP / reliever

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Tankersley was supposed to be the closer of the future, but it looks like he has already lost the velocity necessary to be a dominant relief pitcher. His fastball touches 90mph at times, but that's it. The lefty has a decent slider and straight changeup to go with it. 4/3/08 CSJ

*fastball(87-89), slider(78-82), change(81)


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