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Cole Hamels / LHP / starter

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Hamels has a great fastball/changeup combination, and has become one of the best pitchers in baseball. His changeup is rated as one of the best single pitches in the game. He has great arm action on the pitch, and it dies as it reaches home plate. Colbert usually throws his fastball around 90 to 92 mph, however he can pump it up to 95 mph when he wants to. In 2010, Hamels added a cutter to his repertoire and he found immediate results with it. Hamels' fourth pitch is a curveball that he'll drop in on the unsuspecting haters in the box.

Hamels went through all kinds of drama as an injured high school player and bar brawling minor leaguer. However, he seems to have settled down enough to compete with, and now dominate National League hitters. 10/10/10 CSJ

*fastball(87-96), changeup(77-85), cutter(86-91), curveball(73-80)


Ryan Madson / RHP / setup reliever

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Madson is a fastball/changeup pitcher, but seems to be using his cutter more and more. The cutter can get some huge movement sometimes, sliding accross the hitting zone. Madson's changeup is still his best pitch, often diving down just as it reaches home plate. His fastball is very straight and hittable when he's not touching the mid 90s with it. Ryan has a slow curve as his fourth pitch. 8/19/09 CSJ

*fastball(92-97), changeup(80-85), cutter(87-92), curve(78)

Chad Durbin / RHP / reliever

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Chad Durbin was a reliable member of the Phils' bullpen in 2008. His stuff looks average, but he's been getting outs. He'll throw moving 2-seamers and a straight 4-seamer. He'll also throw lots of tight sliders in the upper-80s. Durbin finishes his 4-pitch repertoire with a standard curveball and a straight changeup. 5/22/09 CSJ

*4-seam fastball(89-92), 2-seam fastball(88-91), slider(85-89), curve(75-77), changeup(80-83)

Joe Blanton / RHP / starter

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Blanton throws the basic four pitches. His round frame delivers a straight fastball at 88-92mph. To LHs, Blanton prefers to work with his changeup as his second pitch. To RHs, Blanton prefers a fastball/slider combo. He will deviate from this, but not often. Blanton's fourth pitch is a slow 12-6 curveball. He prefers to work quickly and not shake off his catchers. 10/21/08 CSJ

*fastball(86-91), slider(80-84), changeup(80-83), curve(73-76)

J.C. Romero / LHP / setup reliever

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Romero is your standard lefthanded reliever. He has an average fastball, and relies on his junk to get outs. He has a big slider and a soft changeup. The slider, primarily thrown to LHs, will sweep accross the hitting zone. JC will save his changeup for RHs, and attempt to fade this pitch off the plate. He seems to lose more velocity each season, but has put together a couple decent seasons in Philadelphia. 5/6/09 CSJ

*fastball(89-93), slider(80-83), changeup(77-82)

David Herndon / RHP / reliever

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*fastball(89-90), slider(81)

Danys Baez / RHP / reliever

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Baez has always shown tons of potential. He has a big time arm that consistently produces low to mid 90s fastballs. Baez mixes in a splitter that looks like most pitchers 2-seamers. He also has a curveball that can be very erratic. Neither the split, nor the curve are plus pitches, keeping Baez in the middle relief role. 6/15/10 CSJ

*fastball(91-96), splitter(86-92), curve(77-82)

Mike Zagurski / LHP / reliever

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Zagurski is 15 years too late. His hair and stomach belonged on the 1993 Phillies. His stuff is decent. He has a hard, beer bottle busting fastball and a standard slider. His command of the changeup seems to be lacking, and he will pull it to his glove side, making it appear to be a baby slider. 7/21/07 CSJ

Roy Halladay / RHP / starter

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Halladay has a great fastball that runs in to RHs and away from LHs considerably. His best pitch is a cutter that gets subtle movement, but he'll consistently jam LHs and induce weak hits off the end of RHs bats with it. He'll use his cutter as often as he uses his 2-seamer. 'Doc' Halladay's breaking ball is a curve that he can spot well. His fourth pitch switched from a changeup to a split-finger that he throws with equally great command.

Halladay doesn't rack up Ks, but he's a great 'finesse' pitcher that will pile up quality innings. 'Doc' has thrown over 200 innings seven times in his career, including the last five seasons. The gunslinger has rightly become known as the best pitcher in baseball, overtaking Johan Santana for that title. 10/4/10 CSJ

*fastball(89-95), cutter(87-92), curve(74-80), splitter(80-85)

Roy Oswalt / RHP / starter

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Oswalt is the ultimate "drop and drive" pitcher. He uses his legs to get the most out of his slight frame, making his fastball explode out of a compact delivery. Oswalt's slider is very short and tight in the mid to upper 80s. He will often attempt to backdoor LHs with it or twist it away from RHs. After years of tinkering with a circle change and trying a splitter, Oswalt apparently found a comfortable vulcan changeup grip in 2010 and is using the pitch often and effectively. Finally, Oswalt's signature pitch is his 12 to 6 curveball that he can vary the velocity on. He will throw it in the upper 70s and hard, or will often slow it down into the 60s to give it huge break.

Oswalt claims, in one of those classic baseball stories, that his career was saved after accidentally electrocuting himself. After the 1999 season in A ball, he was experiencing sleep-depriving pain in his throwing shoulder. However, before consulting a doctor, Oswalt was working with some sparkplug wires on his truck, when the current grabbed him and sent the electricity running through his body. After finally detaching himself from the truck and falling to the ground, Oswalt stood up and realized his shoulder pain was gone, and it has never returned.

Oswalt currently forms the "O" of Philadelphia's H2O starting rotation. 10/8/10 CSJ

*fastball(90-96), curve(66-80), slider(83-87), changeup(81-83)

Brad Lidge / RHP / closer

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Lidge still throws in the mid 90s with a sick slider. He uses these two pitches, and that's basically it. The fastball rises as it approaches home plate. Then he breaks off hard downward breaking sliders that miss bats. Lidge has experimented with a changeup in the past, and with a cutter early in 2007. Neither pitch has stuck, but he still racks up Ks as a closer. 8/19/09 CSJ

*fastball(92-96), slider(83-85)

J.A. Happ / LHP / starter

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Happ shows some promise. He is six-feet tall, lefthanded, and throws a 90 MPH fastball. He has consistently posted good minor league numbers and looks like he might translate it to the major league level. Happ owns a tight slider that he uses often. He likes to try and go inside to RHs with it, burying it at their ankles, or throw it away from LHs. Happ will also show a changeup to RHs and mix in a very slow curveball. 8/19/09 CSJ

*fastball(87-93), slider(80-85), changeup(79-82), curve(70-75)

Jamie Moyer / LHP / starter

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Moyer throws a four-pitch repertoire. He has a fastball/cutter combo that he'll use to any hitters, to either side of the plate. His velocity on these pitches sits around 80mph. Moyer also has a changeup that he tries to locate down in the zone. His breaking ball is a curve that he spikes with his index finger. Basically, he is no better than the pitchers you face in your amateur Sunday league. It is for unknown reasons why his career has lasted this long. 9/16/09 CSJ

*fastball(79-83), cutter(77-80), changeup(73-75), curve(67-71)

Kyle Kendrick / RHP / starter

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Kendrick relies on movement to get outs. His fastball sinks and tails around 90mph. Then he'll throw a big slider off the plate to get batters to chase. He seems to save his changeups for LHs. Kendrick made a big splash with Philly in 2007, but failed to follow up that success in '08. 10/9/08 CSJ

*fastball(87-92), slider(78-83), changeup(79-84)

Antonio Bastardo / LHP / reliever

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Bastardo has racked up strikeouts in the minor leagues. Unfortunately, he also issued plenty of walks to go with them. As a lefthander who owns a low to mid 90s fastball, he has plenty of promise, but it looks like he will make his career out of the bullpen at this point.

Bastardo, from the Dominican Republic, topped out around 96 mph before his sore shoulder of 2009. In 2010, I've seen him throwing in the low 90s with a hard slider and hard changeup. His stuff is still erratic and he's giving Charlie Manuel headaches. 6/15/10 CSJ

*fastball(90-92), slider(81-84), changeup(86)


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