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Zach Duke / LHP / starter

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Duke has a full four pitch repertoire, and uses all of his pitches often. He throws a moving fastball around 90mph that doesn't overpower hitters. Duke has a straight changeup, unafraid to throw it to both RHs and LHs. The curveball is a standard big breaker, while Duke mixes in sweeping sliders. He'll vary his slider anywhere between 77-85mph, using it both as a chase pitch for LHs and a bust pitch for RHs. 7/30/08 CSJ

*fastball(86-91), curve(71-76), slider(77-85), changeup(80-84)


Joel Hanrahan / RHP / closer

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Hanrahan is a big man and throws the baseball hard. He has a low-mid 90s fastball that can run onto the hands of righties. Joel mixes in sliders and a soft changeup to go with it. Hanrahan made the transition from starter to reliever to closer, all in 2008, and began punching out batters in bunches. However, he has struggled mightily to repeat that performance in 2009. 6/26/09 CSJ

*fastball(92-98), slider(82-88), changeup(83-85)

Charlie Morton / RHP / starter

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Morton is an underwhelming righthander from the state of Connecticut. He works over-the-top with the standard four pitches and average velocity. Don't expect Morton to lead the league in ERA anytime soon. 9/25/08 CSJ

*fastball(87-93), curve(74-76), changeup(79-80), slider(79)

Chan Ho Park / RHP / reliever

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Park throws the same repertoire he always has. He tries to get his low 90s fastball moving as much as possible. Then he mixes in his slider and slow curve. Lastly, Park has a soft, sinking changeup.

The Korean began his career with five straight seasons of double-digit victories for the Dodgers. However, after signing a big deal with Texas in 2002, he fell off the Earth and couldn't get anyone out. Finally in 2008, the Phillies signed him used him almost exclusively out of the bullpen, where he has since had some success. 9/27/10 CSJ

*2-seam fastball(87-93), slider(83-87), curve(73-79), changeup(80-85)

Kevin Hart / RHP / starter

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Hart deals a quick fastball in the low to mid 90s to get ahead. As a Cubs reliever, Hart used to bust LHs inside with his sharp cutter and throw a hard curve to RHs. However, as a starting pitcher with the Pirates, Hart has changed his approach. Now he's dealing his hard breaking curveball much more often, and mixing in an obvious 2-seamer and changeup. The cutter is still there too, but it has lost a bit of velocity, making it look more like a slider nowadays. Hart also spent a good chunk of his childhood living in Bangkok. 9/10/09 CSJ

*4-seamer(90-95), 2-seamer(86-91), curve(75-82), changeup(83-87), slider(85-86)

Paul Maholm / LHP / starter

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Maholm keeps it real simple. He throws the basic four pitches and tries to stay ahead of the hitters. His fastball gets some classic lefthanded tailing action. Maholm's changeup is fairly hard, sometimes differing only a few mph from the fastball. Maholm will use his slider inside to RHs, attempting to bury it at their back ankle. His curveball is dropped in against any hitter.

Maholm has been an innings eater for the Pirates over the last few years, but that's about it. His stuff leaves alot to be desired and I don't see Maholm being able to hang onto a major league job that much longer. 9/27/10 CSJ

*fastball(82-89), changeup(79-83), curve(70-76), slider(79-84)

Evan Meek / RHP / setup reliever

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Meek really bounced around the minor leagues, pitching for three other organizations before the Pirates picked him up from the Rays. I'm sure Meek was considered nothing more than organizational depth at that point. However, Evan has since been able to harness some command and his career as a relief pitcher has taken off in 2010.

Meek throws a cutter as his only fastball pitch. It varies in velocity, sitting around 90 mph, but touching 95 mph at times. Meek has shown me a curveball as his second offering. 9/27/10 CSJ

*cut fastball(89-95), curve(77-83)

Ross Ohlendorf / RHP / starter

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Yankees castoff, Ross Ohlendorf, has been producing with the Pirates. There is no wasted motion in his delivery, just a small kick and a short hesitation before he pours in his low-90s heater. He owns a curveball that gets good downward break and is hard for batters to lay off. Ross will show a sinking changeup that he is using more and more often. Stuff-wise, Ohlendorf looks like an MLB pitcher. 5/14/09 CSJ

*fastball(88-94), curve(76-82), changeup(80-82)

Jose Ascanio / RHP / reliever

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Jose Ascanio, not to be confused with the old knuckleballing Yankees BP pitcher, is a hard throwing Venezuelan. He has a low-90s fastball and a sinking changeup. Ascanio mixes in a few sliders. 6/24/08 CSJ

*fastball(92-94), changeup(84-86), slider(80)


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