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Johnny Cueto / RHP / starter

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Cueto can bring some heat. He has a moving fastball that is thrown anywhere between 90 to 95 mph. He has excellent command of it as well, showing the ability to hit his target and not issue walks. Johnny throws a slider to either side of the plate to try and get Ks by backdooring LHs or getting RHs to chase. Cueto's changeup gets good sink when thrown well. However, he has a tendency to pull his changeup to his glove side, making it float inside to LHs, which is very dangerous. Johnny added a cutter in 2010 and will use it early in the count to try and get a quick out.

Cueto has shown dominant stuff at the start of his career, and with his command he should be successful. He will also kick you in the head with his spikes if you cross him. 10/10/10 CSJ

*fastball(89-95), slider(79-84), cutter(88-91), changeup(80-86)


Francisco Cordero / RHP / closer

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Co-Co Cordero seems to stick with a simple plan. He tries to get ahead with his dominant fastball before breaking off multiple sliders to get Ks. When facing LHs, Cordero will sometimes try his sinking changeup, a pitch he has a tendency to telegraph by slowing down his motion. He won't give in to hitters, he'd rather walk them than throw a hittable pitch. This makes his WHIP rise and his saves scary. 4/18/09 CSJ

*fastball(92-96), slider(85-89), changeup(86-88)

Bronson Arroyo / RHP / starter

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Arroyo is the kind of pitcher that can look awful one outing, and then dominate opponents in the next. His inconsistency lies in his lack of pure "stuff". Bronson's fastballs top out around 90 mph, while his curveballs often fly in the 60s. However, Arroyo's main weapon is his various arm angles and velocities. He mixes all kinds of junk together and will throw anything, at any time, from any arm angle. Arroyo will drop his arm slot and sweep curveballs across the zone or run fastballs away from LHs. He also has a soft changeup that gets some sinking action that he seems to be using more often these days. Arroyo's fourth pitch is his cutter, an offering he'll throw almost exclusively to his gloveside of home plate. Bronson is not afraid to throw a changeup or curveball on the first pitch of the game, or for the first pitch of every inning. For example, in his last start of 2010, Arroyo began the game with three curveballs and a changeup before he let go of an 87 mph fastball. 10/8/10 CSJ

*fastball(85-90), curve(68-78), changeup(77-83), cutter(86-88)

Levi Jared Burton / RHP / reliever

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Burton is a cutter pitcher. He throws a low-90s fastball that appears to get tons of natural cut. This movement makes it a tough pitch to hit. Burton's problem is that his other offerings (slider, changeup) are very similar in speed to his cutting fastball. His slider is a mid-80s pitch that can break hard at times, and other times back up. Burton's changeup can get some serious sink, but is also a high velocity pitch. Burton was a rule 5 draftee that the Reds stole from Oakland. 4/10/09 CSJ

*cut fastball(90-94), slider(83-86), changeup(83-88), fastball(90-94)

Bill Bray / LHP / reliever

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Bray is a lefty specialist. He throws a hard fastball around 90mph out of a funky motion. His second pitch is a very tight slider that doesn't seem to change planes much. I have never seen a changeup from Bray. 5/11/08 CSJ

*fastball(89-92), slider(80-86)

Arthur Rhodes / LHP / reliever

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Rhodes is still in the league. Ugh. I mostly remember him for giving up big homeruns to the Yankees and fighting with Omar Vizquel. He still has decent stuff, hitting the low-90s with his fastball and looking dominant at times. He mixes in breaking balls and a rare changeup. 4/7/09 CSJ

*fastball(89-93), slider(82-86), changeup(87)

Pedro Viola / LHP / reliever

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Viola is a lefty out of the mold of Rafael Perez. His stuff doesn't look dominating, but his fastball seems to jump on hitters. Viola's breaking pitch is a fairly standard slider that he will need to continue to work on. 4/1/09 CSJ

*fastball, slider

Edinson Volquez / RHP / starter

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Edinson Volquez burst onto the scene in 2008, suffered through TJ surgery in '09, and made his comeback midway through 2010. He piles up Ks by using his excellent fastball/changeup combination. His strategy is simple: throw the fastball inside to get ahead, then toss moving changeups away to finish hitters off. Edinson will deviate from this strategy, but not very often, attacking most hitters with this basic plan. Both Volquez' fastball and changeup will naturally cut some when thrown to his glove side. He also throws two similar looking breaking balls. His curveball is in the upper 70s and he'll usually try to backdoor LHs with it. His slider is a low 80s pitch that he'll throw away from RHs. Edinson's only question mark is his shaky command. 10/4/10 CSJ

*fastball(91-96), changeup(79-83), curve(76-78), slider(81-82)

Aaron Harang / RHP / starter

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Harang throws lots of hard stuff. He'll primarily pitch with his heavy, 90mph fastball and his downward breaking slider. He'll use the slider away to RHs and back-ankle it to LHs. Harang's third pitch is his changeup, a pitch he's not afraid to throw to both LHs and tough RHs. It's an average pitch, but he seems to be able to keep it down. Lastly, Harang deals a rare slow 12-6 curveball. Harang joins John Lackey on baseball's all-ugly starting rotation. 4/7/09 CSJ

*fastball(87-93), slider(79-83), curve(74-75), changeup(81-84)

Mike Lincoln / RHP / reliever

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2008 was Lincoln's first year playing baseball games since 2004. He has recovered from two TJ surgeries and from being in the Pirates' organization. Lincoln still has the same good curveball he's always had, and it's still his best pitch. He mixes in straight fastballs and a cutter that he commands decently. Lincoln will also show a changeup to LHs as his fourth pitch. 4/10/09 CSJ

*fastball(87-92), curve(75-79), cutter(87-90), changeup(83-86)

Micah Owings / RHP / reliever

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Micah Owings is like that kid in Little League that would throw a 1-hit shutout against you, and hit two homeruns in the same game. Except Owings is still doing it in the Majors. His velocity won't overwhelm anyone, but he deals a heavy, naturally cutting fastball around 90mph that batters just can't seem to hit squarely. Owings will follow that up with a tight slider in the low-80s and a sinking changeup. At the plate, Owings makes teams wish they had a guy like him playing firstbase. He can hit, and hit for power. He had five career major league homeruns in his first 79ABs, and in college at GTech and Tulane he combined to hit 33HRs in his NCAA career. 5/15/08 CSJ

*fastball(88-92), slider(81-86), changeup(80-82)

Nick Masset / RHP / reliever

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Nick Masset is a long reliever. He has good velocity on his fastball and mixes in two different breaking pitches. Masset's curve is his favorite offering and it's constantly improving. He'll throw a split-finger pitch that he'll use like most pitchers use their changeup. The slider is a short and tight breaker in the mid-upper 80s. 4/10/09 CSJ

*fastball(90-94), curve(76-83), slider(84-88), splitter(86-88)

Matt Maloney / LHP / starter

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Maloney is one of those lefthanders. You know those guys, the ones that don't look like they could compete in your Sunday beer league, but somehow they're getting major league hitters out.

With a weak fastball and what looks like a straight changeup, everyone believes they can hit this guy. He flips up a very slow curveball as well. I guess it's the combination of these three pitches, and plus command let's him succeed in the pros. 9/22/09 CSJ

*fastball(81-86), changeup(74-78), curve(64-68)

Danny Herrera / LHP / reliever

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Herrera can barely break 80mph with his fastball, and can't break 5' 8" with his cleats on. However, he owns a true trick pitch and a decent slider. He's known for his "screwball", a slow pitch that pops out of his hand and drops under bats. Herrera can spot his fastball on the outside corner and throws a sweeping slider. Herrera's fourth pitch is a standard changeup. 4/7/09 CSJ

*fastball(80-83), slider(72-76), screwball(64-65), changeup(73-74)


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