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John Danks / LHP / starter

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Danks has made himself into a Mark Buehrle type pitcher. Meaning, he gets ahead with his fastball, and mixes in lots of cutters to break bats and induce easy outs. Danks uses a straight changeup as his third pitch, another Buerhle special. A curveball rounds out this Texan's repertoire. 9/10/10 CSJ

*fastball(87-94), cutter(85-88), changeup(80-84), curve(75-79)


Gavin Floyd / RHP / starter

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A complete Phillies bust, Floyd is making an impact with the White Sox. His stuff looks much improved from his early days in Philly. His fastball bores in on RHs around 90mph. He throws a tight slider that has a tendency to back up, so much so that at times is can look like a splitter or changeup. Floyd throws a curveball that looks like a good pitch, but difficult to command. Lastly, he throws a changeup to LHs on occasion. 10/23/08 CSJ

*fastball(87-93), slider(83-87), curveball(71-79), changeup(80-81)

Jake Peavy / RHP / starter

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Peavy is known for his excellent slider nowadays, and he throws many of them. He'll vary the pitch anywhere in the 80-89 MPH range, varying the tilt as well. His fastball is hard and gets good tailing action, boring in on RHs. Peavy was known for his excellent changeup in the minor leagues, and was a fastball/changeup pitcher when he first arrived in San Diego. Now, he only mixes those in to get a timing advantage on hitters, but it's still a great pitch with excellent sink. Peavy's fourth pitch is a curveball, and again it's a pitch he'll vary the speed on. 8/5/09 CSJ

*fastball(89-95), slider(80-88), changeup(81-86), curve(70-79)

Scott Linebrink / RHP / reliever

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Linebrink is basically a fastball/splitter pitcher. The splitter seems to pop up out of his hand, floating and breaking armside. This can make it appear to be a curveball at times, and/or dance strangely towards the plate. His fastball is extremely straight at 92mph, but hitters have a tough time getting around on it. His other two pitches are a slider and changeup. His slider is in the upper-70s to low-80s and isn't nearly as sharp as it used to be. Linebrink's changeup sinks some but it fairly straight. 10/23/08 CSJ

*fastball(91-94), splitter(82-84), changeup(81-82), slider

Mark Buehrle / LHP / starter

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"Buehrle has never been a hard thrower. He deals a mid-upper 80s fastball and a low-80s cutter. He can turn his cutter in on the hands of RHs, or even backdoor them with it. Against LHs, Buehrle will use the cutter almost exclusively on the outer half of the plate. He'll even vary the movement of the cutter to LHs, giving it more sliding action at times. Buehrle's third pitch is a sinking changeup that he can spot extremely well. He'll use the changeup to both LHs and RHs, consistently locating the pitch in the bottom half of the strike zone. Mark's last pitch is a standard curveball that he can drop in for strike one. When going well, the curve can even act as a strikeout pitch. Buehrle is the fastest working pitcher in baseball, producing some of the shortest games in the majors each season. His accelerated pace frustrates hitters that have a prolonged routine in the batter's box. This, and the fact that Buehrle knows what he is, and isn't capable of, usually give him the edge over the batters. 7/30/09 CSJ

*fastball(82-89), cutter(78-86, changeup(76-82), curve(69-74)

Bobby Jenks / RHP / closer

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Jenks can bring that southside heat. He has a fastball that seems to naturally cut on him, and he can bring it in the mid-90s. Jenks' slider is a hard pitch in the upper-80s to 90mph. It can also appear like a cutter at times. His curveball breaks hard with the velocity of most pitchers' sliders. Lastly, Jenks will try a changeup to a LH every now and then. Physically, Jenks has really short legs, and an abnormally long torso. 10/23/08 CSJ

*fastball(94-100), slider(86-91), curve(81-84), change(81-83)

Matt Thornton / LHP / reliever

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Thornton throws hard for a lefthander. He owns a 95mph fastball that can miss bats. His slider is a good pitch that he'll use almost always to his glove side of the plate, meaing inside on RHs and away from LHs. Thornton's offspeed pitch is a split-finger offering that looks mostly like a hard changeup. 10/23/08 CSJ

*fastball(94-98), slider(83-90), split(89)

Tony Pena / RHP / reliever

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Pena throws hard and can be tough to hit. His fastball sits in the low to mid 90s, rising in the strikezone. Unfortunately, his secondary pitches appear to be very inconsistent. He tries to dive his slider at LHs ankles and away from RHs, but the pitch often floats to home plate, just spinning in the hitting zone. Tony (Ramon) also throws a palmball changeup that flies fairly straight. 9/10/10 CSJ

*fastball(91-96), slider(77-86), changeup(79-84)


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