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John Lackey, RHP, starter
  Lackey has made himself into one of the most consistent pitchers in baseball. He can pile up innings by pitching deep into games. He uses a sinking 2-seamer and a rising 4-seamer. His breaking balls are his bread and butter. He uses lots of curveballs in the low-80s, a hard downward breaking pitch. His slider usually sits in the mid-80s, but the two breaking balls tend to blend together at times since he tries to vary both of them. Lackey will use a few changeups per game to keep LHs honest. Lackey is also a member of baseball's "All-Ugly" team. 6/20/08 CSJ

*fastball(87-94), slider(82-84), curve(76-83), changeup(82-86)

Scot Shields, RHP, reliever
  Scot Shields has filthy stuff. His fastball can get amazing movement some days. It tails extremely late and he can nail the corners with it. His breaking ball is a power curve. Watch for the rare changeup, he does own one. 6/20/08 CSJ

*fastball(88-94), curve(77-82), changeup

Darren Oliver, LHP, reliever
  Oliver deals a moving fastball and a curveball. He has had success at different times in his career, and seems to have found a role as a quality long reliever. Oliver has been known to drop in changeups too, and used to throw cutters inside to RHs. 6/20/08 CSJ

*fastball(88-91), curve(76-80), changeup, cutter

Francisco Rodriguez, RHP, closer
  Francisco throws a tough breaking ball and can dominate with it. His fastball has lost some of that old velocity, but 92mph with some natural cut is still tough to hit. He has begun to mix in more and more changeups to LHs. He body uses an unbelievable amount of tork to deliver all his pitches. 8/12/08 CSJ

*fastball(90-94), curve(76-82), changeup(83-86)

Jon Garland, RHP, starter
  The former White Sox starter still deals the same repertoire. He uses a low-90s fastball and a fairly straight changeup. Garland throws two breaking pitches, but prefers his curveball over the slider. It gets big, slow break. Jon uses his slider almost exclusively away to RHs. Not surprizingly, Garland pitched his best baseball in 2005, when the White Sox won the World Series. 6/20/08 CSJ

*fastball(87-93), curve(74-79), changeup(80-83), slider(82-83)

Jose Arredondo, RHP, reliever
  Arredondo has shown some great promise as a dominant late-inning relief pitcher. He can bring 95mph heat and a diving splitter. He'll also break off tight sliders. 6/20/08 CSJ

*fastball(91-97), splitter(83-86), slider(84-86)

Justin Speier, RHP, reliever
  Justin Speier throws a good moving fastball and a very tight slider. The slider seems to hang a little bit at times, and may be the reason that he has struggled in 2008. To LHs, Speier likes to drop in his splitter, a pitch that really dives at about 80mph. 6/20/08 CSJ

*fastball(88-92), slider(83-87), splitter(80-81)

Jered Weaver, RHP, starter
  Weaver throws four pitches out of a cross-body, awkward motion. He has a fastball that seems to get natural cut. His changeup is fairly straight, showing slight movement to his arm side. Weaver then throws two breaking pitches. His slider is a big breaker around 80mph, while his curveball is more of a 12-6 pitch in the low-mid 70s. 7/29/08 CSJ

*fastball(88-95), slider(78-82), changeup(81-83), curve(69-73)

Darren O'Day, RHP, reliever
  Darren is another pitcher who is taking advantage of the sidearmer trend. He deals a moving fastball and slider, both from a 1/2 arm angle. His slider seems surprisingly flat compared to other sidewinders. 8/12/08 CSJ

*fastball(85-88), slider(77-79)

Ervin Santana, RHP, starter
  Santana seems to throw mid-90s with ease. His motion is relaxed and the ball just flies out of his hand. He has shown an increase in velocity since '07. He also throws a slider that he can change planes with and vary the velocity on. Santana's distant third pitch is a hard, straight changeup. 8/12/08 CSJ

*fastball(93-98), slider(80-88), changeup(85-89)

Joe Saunders, LHP, starter
  Saunders was a 1st round pick out of Virginia Tech and has steadily risen up Anaheim's minor league ladder. He has produced at every level, which now includes the major leagues. His fastball is hittable, but he commands it well. He prefers to use his changeup as his second pitch, while dropping his curveball in for strikes against unsuspecting hitters. His distant fourth pitch is a slider that I've seen him use against tough LHs. 8/15/08 CSJ

*fastball(89-95), changuep(81-85), curve(74-80), slider(85)


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